Nokia Mate Ultra 5G 2023 Price, Specs, Release Date

Nokia Mate Ultra 5G 2023: Price, Specs, Release Date! One of the most famous smartphones is the Nokia Mate Ultra. This is a 5G smartphone that will be on the market soon. Several countries will get this smartphone before the rest of the world.

The Nokia Mate Ultra 5G 2023 will soon be available. Here are the most recent informational leaks of the phone. All the details relating to the Nokia Mate Ultra below are subject to change. Because this phone is being made by Nokia. One of the newest phones in 2023 is the Nokia Mate Ultra. There are so many cool things about it. It has a lot of storage space and a lot of RAM. This phone also has an amazing camera and a backup battery.

Nokia users agree that every new phone they make is more reliable and modern. In the end, the Nokia Mate Ultra 2023 will take your heart.

Nokia Mate Ultra 2023 Release Date

We hope Nokia’s top Nokia Mate Ultra 2023 will release in the second part of this year. On August 21, 2023, the Nokia Mate Ultra 5G Smartphone goes on sale. It might not come out in your country until later. So, find out what’s new in your country.

Nokia Mate Ultra 5G 2023 Full Specs

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Nokia Mate Ultra 2023 involves a wide range of styles and colors. It has a Super AMOLED screen that is 6.9 inches wide and has a 4k resolution. Corning Gorilla Glass 6 will also provide protection for the display. This smartphone, so, has an ultra-tall 21:9 aspect ratio. So, there is nothing to worry about in the part about the display.

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The Nokia Mate Ultra 2023 comes with a big 8500mAh battery box. It has a fast-charging battery that is non-renewable. Your phone won’t have to charge for too long. The phone runs so long after charging that you may forget that you last charged it. Also, you are getting a 35W fast battery pack that will help you charge the battery very.


The cameras on Nokia phones are always very good. This new beast will give you an extra bit more. Nokia Mate Ultra 2023 uses a quad 144MP + 32MP + 8MP + 2MP rear lens. You can take a picture with this camera that has good quality. Also, the front of the phone has two sensors: one 64MP and one 16MP. Omit, the performance of the camera will meet your needs.


This new smartphone has 12GB or 16GB of RAM and 256GB or 512GB of onboard storage. You can keep your most important files without worrying about running out of space. In any case, if you need extra space, you can add it with a MicroSD card. With this huge space, users can store their valuable files and photos on this phone.


Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 5G will power this Nokia Mate Ultra 5G. The phone also needs to be running the most recent edition of Android, 13. A 64MP Quad camera lets you take professional images anywhere, anytime. The sensor is an important feature of a smartphone. This phone will give absolute security to its users.

Nokia Mate Ultra 5G 2023 Price

For people in the United States, Mate Ultra will cost $550 USD. It will come out in August of 2023. So, you should wait until this Nokia 5G Smartphone 2023 comes out in your country. The phone’s RAM and ROM show that the price could be either higher or lower.

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With all these features this smartphone will be an amazing smartphone. Surely, Nokia Mate Ultra 5G 2023 will surprise new users with its extraordinary features. If there are any questions or concerns about the Nokia Mate Ultra 5G, you can ask us here. We’ll get back to you right away with the right information. We’re glad you’re here.

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